It’s just in movies, I’m not a ‘bad boy’ in real life- Funsho Adeolu

Ademola Olonilua and Timileyin Akinkahunsi

Due to some ‘bad boy’ roles he has portrayed, especially during the early stage of his career and because of his somewhat mean look, it is no surprise that many of Funsho Adeolu’s fans believe he is a ‘bad boy’ in real life.

Funnily, the actor is glad about the perception as he told Saturday Beats that it must mean ‘I am a good actor.’

While speaking about the perception of his fans, the actor was quick to state that contrary to it, he is a very religious and spiritual person and also an active worker in the church.

But despite his religious beliefs and commitment to working for God, the actor said that they had never clashed with his professionalism.

He said, “I was happy when people always said I was a bad boy because it showed that I was interpreting my roles well. People do not get to see me in real life; they only see on TV but once they get to meet me in real life, they know that I am not a bad man. For instance, I am a church person and when people see me in church, they are surprised.

“I have been in the choir since 1982. I have never been the kind of person that would attend a church service and just sit down; I have never been that kind of person. I have always been active in the church. Funnily, I do not do drama in church because they do not do it professionally; they just do it anyhow.

“Although I am a very spiritual person, my inclination to church has never clashed with my profession simply because if you give me a role, it means that I am telling a story and I have to achieve the end result.”

While giving an insight into the Yoruba movie industry; Adeolu told Saturday Beats that the reason why clashes of ego rarely occur among actors in the Yoruba-speaking sector of the movie industry was because of respect, which he described as the core value of the industry. “You would rarely hear about ego clashes in the Yoruba-speaking movie sector because it doesn’t happen. In this sector, we have respect for our elders. We have people that are coming into the industry now but they are quite disrespectful; very soon, we would flush them out. You learn a lot from this movie sector,” he said.

He further told Saturday Beats that the days when actors did one another favours by featuring in each other’s movies for free were gone.

“Nowadays, in the Yoruba-speaking movie sector, we hardly do free jobs for one another unlike in those days. We place one another in good hotels, provide good food and also provide good clothes. However, some people still do that (do things for free) in order to help the next person grow in the industry and by so doing, everybody grows. Due to this, the Yoruba-speaking sector of the movie industry is on top of the game,” he said.

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